Plenary Meeting

Posted by Alexander Ratajczak on May 06, 2015

The new ISW Council Members are the Following:

  • 1. Chairman: Anika Alberts, 6c
  • 2. Chairman: Julia Brandau, 6c
  • Spokesman Alfstraße: Tim Bernhardt, 5A.0.00.4
  • Spokesman Fischstraße: Alexander Ratajczak, 6B.2.00.1
  • Treasurer: Marco Buchholz, 6B.0.00.4

Newsletter 2013

Posted by Jan Pascal Maas on December 05, 2013

As the year reaches it's end, the new ISW newsletter is out! It sums up some stuff discussed during the planary meeting and introduces the renting possibilities to our new inhabitants. If you want updated information, join our groups on Facebook or look onto the red area at the buildings entrance.

We also want to remind you of our traditional ISW Christmas Party . It's taking place on 12. December 2013, includes "All-you- can-drink" and is free for inhabitants. If you bring your friends, it costs them just 5€ for the same accomplishment.

We also answered all your questions from the plenary meeting. The answers can be found in the new created FAQ section.

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Plenary Meeting

Posted by Jan Pascal Maas on November 17, 2013
Plenary Meeting

The plenary meeting on 10.04.2013 constisting of 36 participants has elected the following inhabitants to be part of the ISW Council untill April 2014:

  • 1. Chairman: Florian Pelzer, 5A.1.01.2
  • 2. Chairman: Anika Alberts, 6C
  • Spokesman Alfstraße: Leonor Amaral, 5A.1.02
  • Spokesman Fischstraße: Julia Brand, 6C
  • Treasurer: Jan Pascal Maas, 5A.1.01.1

The new Council has met on 16.11.2013 for the first time to discuss the matters of the plenary meeting. Next Meeting will be on 01.12.2013.

Who are we?

ISW Council

The ISW Council, elected every Semester in the plenary meeting, is responsible for student concerns of the inhabitants of the ISW. Furthermore we coordinate with the other dormitories of the Studentenwerk. .